Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Written By Bobbie

I have a plum tree, and every year I try and preserve a little more that the year before.  This year I decided to make some plum butter in the slow cooker.  I actually made this recipe twice, once on Low heat (turned out perfect) and once on Hi heat (disaster).  The Low heat took almost a full 24 hours to simmer down to the consistency I was looking for and tasted fantastic.  Hi heat, the process was faster, but it burnt the sugar, so I ended up with plum tar that went into the trash.  To store the plum butter I processed them with my pressure canner, so I know they will be good to eat several months from now.


12 cups plums washed, pitted and cut
2 cups sugar (possibly 1/2 cup more)
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoon vanilla
Large slow cooker

Place plums and 2 cups sugar into slow cooker, mix and set on low heat.  Leave covered for the first 8-12 hours (I let it run overnight).  After 8-12 hours, stir and tilt lid to vent off excess steam.  Give a quick taste test to see if you need to add more sugar.    Stir every 3-4 hours, and be sure to tilt lid to continue venting steam.  When plums have reduce down to slightly thick slurry add cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, stir and cook for an additional 30 minutes.  At this point you have the option to let your plum butter cool and place in blender to give it a more consistent texture, as not all of the skins may dissolve during the cooking process.

I chose to pressure can my plum butter so it would not need to be frozen or refrigerated until after I opened them.  If you are new to pressure canning you can check out a more detailed post by CLICKING HERE.  Prepare your jars and such and fill with plum butter leaving 1 inch head space.  Free any extra bubbles, wipe jars and put on rings and lids.  Process in pressure canner at 10 PSI for 15 minutes and let cool for 12-24 hours before storing.  If you do not have a pressure canner, you can store in fridge for 2-3 weeks (possible longer, jars never last that long in my fridge).

Serve as a jam with breakfast goodies, over ice cream, or even use as a starter for a BBQ sauce.