Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Written By Amanda

As a busy mom things stay crazy in the summertime.  School is out, so instead of 1 child I have 3 kids daily of all hours of the day. This summer has blown out of space with craziness. We just moved, so instead of a acre lot I know have a 3 acre lot to care for, with lots of shrubs and bushes. On top of getting the odds and ends done inside the house. The horrible multiplying mound of laundry that grows over night. The normal every day cleaning, errands, shopping, and running the household. Then my mother-in-law just moved in with us and is very sick, so being her full time care-giver with everything else that needs to be done, supper is the last thing on my mind until everyone starts looking at me asking "What's for supper?"  Moms/dads out there you know what I'm talking about.. you drag yourself up, grumbling to yourself and see what you can slap together for supper. To make it even better, It's hotter than you know what!, and if you have my luck you will just had a big thunderstorm that knocked out power until late at night. So there's 2 choices, spend money you don't have or find something cool and easy to throw together. Well that's when the wraps and subs are great for supper or on the I don't have the energy to cook so here eat this nights!  You can dress up or down the wraps any way you like and help clean out the refrigerator at the same time. I call this The Cody Veggie Wrap!  It may not be the idea or cup of tea for everyone but he loves this wrap. He created it or should I say threw it together one day for lunch and loves it.

Green pepper
Onion slices
salt n pepper

Take your tortilla pile on the ingredients and roll up your tortilla, it's that easy!

Now of course not everyone will like that creation but create your own and enjoy!

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