Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Written By Bobbie

OK, I know that technically tomatoes are considered a fruit, but since I have never mixed them in with a fruit salad, I use them as a vegetable.

Every year hubby plants a small garden, and every year he plants a few tomato sprouts.  Most years we get a bumper crop of tomatoes, but we are not able to eat them all.  I learned from my aunt how to freeze whole tomatoes.  This comes in handy during winter for making soups because I can just pop a tomato or two out of the freezer and straight into the pot.  The tomatoes add a lot of flavor and they just fall apart while cooking in the soup pot.  I always freeze the larger varieties of tomatoes as we do tend to eat up the smaller varieties as they ripen on the vine.

When freezing tomatoes, you want one that is ripe, and not split at the crown.  Wash tomatoes and remove leaves.  Pat dry.  I like to remove the crown on the tomato so it will fall apart while I'm making soup.  To do this, carefully insert the tip of a knife at and angle and cut out the crown so that it makes a shallow cone when removed.   This is optional, but you do not have to then thaw the tomato to cut it out later.  Place in freezer bag, remove excess air and let freeze.

When you are ready to use the frozen tomatoes, you can thaw them to easily remove the skins.  I've always just taken the whole tomato and tossed it into the pot when I am making soup.

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