Sunday, July 27, 2014 Review ~ Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Tempting Tuna Cat Treats

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Written By Bobbie has become Haggis' favorite place for reviews. This time around we were provided with a bag of Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Tempting Tuna Cat Treats in exchange for his honest review.  Not to be out done, Sherbert (orange cat) decided to muscle in on the review and snag a few pieces for himself.

The treats are small and soft, so even old man Haggis had no problems with eating them.  Sherbert is not much of a treat cat, but he fell in love with these.  They are made with real tuna (one of his favorites) and he would come running when he heard the bag being opened.  It became a bit of a battle trying to give the cats treats.  Haggis is pretty quick for an old cat, and was constantly snagging treats right out from under Sherbert's nose.  Blue Kitty Yums do not have soy, wheat, or corn, and only have 2 calories a piece.  This worked out great as we were able to get Sherbert to move around some before he got his treats.  He has a few nicknames including Garfield and Fat Cat.

I have to laugh.  This was under the Recommended Usage tab of the website: While your furry friend would probably love to eat the whole bag, BLUE Kitty Yums are healthy treats intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.  Haggis apparently did not read this, or he did read it and like the true rebel he is, did not follow directions.  We did put the treats away, but apparently behind Mr. Potato Head on the TV stand is not put away enough.  Just a few days after we received the treats, I woke up and saw this on the floor.  I already know it was Haggis who did it, he has been terrorizing treat bags for a while now.  I am pleased to report that Haggis had no issues after eating almost the entire bag of treats.  It was probably the best tasting meal he has ever had.

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