Monday, May 19, 2014

Campfire S'mores with Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co

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A few times a year my family goes camping, and S'mores are always at the top of every ones list of the must have treat!  While I love s'mores, I always have issues with packing up the chocolate bars.  If they are left in the ice chest, they get hard because of the ice and more often than not, some kid has snuck into the chocolate and did not close the plastic baggie all the way, so I also end up with wet chocolate after fishing it out of the bottom of the ice chest.  On the flip side, some kid will sneak a piece of chocolate, then leave the bars out on the table in the sun, and they are a melted mess.  Once, I did not bring enough chocolate for everyone (we are talking 10+ kids when ALL the family goes camping).

My family has two main ways for roasting marshmallows.  First one is to set the marshmallow in the flames and let it catch on fire.  Burn the marshmallow all around till crisp and black, blow out the fire and peel off the blackened outer layer to expose the warm and mushy insides and quickly assembly your s'more.  You loose some of the marshmallow, but the chocolate melts more because of the heat of the marshmallow.

The second way is to find a nice little patch of fire free coals, and slowly turn and toast the entire marshmallow to a golden brown as it warms up on the inside.  Once the marshmallow is golden brown, assemble s'mores and enjoy.  It takes a bit longer, and the chocolate does not melt as much.

Enter my new favorite chocolate bar substitute.  Dark Chocolate Dreams made by Peanut Butter & Company.  I received a jar in exchange for my honest opinion.  All natural peanut butter blended with rich dark chocolate, what's not to love?  This is a creamy peanut butter that is not to rich, and the blend of peanut butter and chocolate is perfect.  I dipped some graham crackers into the jar and passed them around for initial reactions from my family.  Every one loved it.  Not to sweet and just a great taste all around.  It was very easy to spread on the graham crackers, even with a flimsy plastic knife, and the toasted marshmallows warmed it up and added that perfect gooey touch to the s'mores.

Because of the number of kids that we usually have camping with us, I treat s'mores like an assembly line.  I spread the Dark Chocolate Dreams on a bunch of graham cracker squares and had the other half of the squares laying near by so the kids can just place the toasted marshmallow on the chocolate peanut butter covered graham cracker, and use the other half to help slide the marshmallow off the skewer and form the s'mores.  Clean up was easy as I just screwed the lid back on and tossed the jar into the food bin.  Did not have to worry about the jar breaking because it is made out of plastic, and it does not have to be refrigerated!

1 bag large marshmallows
1 jar Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams
Graham crackers broken into squares
Highly suggest metal kabob skewers or something similar to roast marshmallows

Spread some Dark Chocolate Dreams on half a graham cracker square.  Toast up your marshmallow your favorite way.  Place toasted marshmallow on top of covered graham cracker square, and use the other half to help remove marshmallow from skewer.  Press down gently to spread marshmallow around and form a 'sandwich' and enjoy!

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