Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brownie Cookie Dough Delights

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As most of you all know, I (Amanda) hate baking. Some people find it relaxing and peaceful I find it a hassle and always look for a way out of it or the easiest way possible to make what I want. Mostly though my reasoning for always looking at the fastest ways is honestly, I have a huge sweet tooth that always hits very late at night. So pulling out all the items I need and making something from scratch at like midnight is just not happening. I wanted to name this recipe something else R rated, but Bobbie said "No we have to keep it PG to keep the family friendly status of blogging." So momma and I, after eating and fully enjoying this little treat came up with Brownie Cookie Dough Delights. The ingredients are just what the title states. I'm not sure about anyone else but raw chocolate chip cookie dough is excellent! I have heard the warnings about eating it raw because of the egg but seriously I grew up eating it raw, I still buy packages of cookie dough and eat it right out of the refrigerator. I'm now pushing mid 30's and have never had a effect from eating it. Now if  you are someone who worries about eating raw cookie dough some companies do make it egg free, or you could hand make your own egg free dough to be on the safer side.

This is a chocolate overload dessert, so if your a chocolatic like I am... I am positive you will love it.

Serves 24 Brownie Cookie Dough Delights


Box of your favorite brownie mix
Package of pre-cut chocolate chip cookie dough
Chocolate Syrup

Pre-heat oven to recommended temperature of your brownies; mix and bake them for time listed on box. When brownies are done, cut them into squares of about 1 inch. Place cut brownies on a plate. Take a spoon and drop just a bit of cool whip on each brownie, and place a pre-cut cookie dough piece on top of cool whip. Drizzle with your chocolate syrup and they are ready to eat.

Another way of putting them together is to take your cool whip cover brownies and then take cookie dough and flatten it out to cover all of brownie tray or pan. Then cut them into 1-2  inch squares. There's really not much difference other than the cookie dough will be thinner.