Wednesday, April 23, 2014

safeHands Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Review

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Some months ago safeHands sent me several bottles of their safeHands and safeSquirts Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers in exchange for my honest review.  I tossed each of my not so little ones a safeSquirts to keep in their backpacks to use at school, and carried one in my purse off and on for a while to use as needed.  I also made sure to pack at least one bottle when we went running around on day trips, and camping.  It's not something that I typically use on a daily basis as I'm home most days with access to soap and water, but when we were out and about these came in handy!

I received the 1.75 oz bottles and love that they are a foaming pump.  This has come in handy with the walking disaster zones that both my girls are.  I have been able to quickly and easily apply enough sanitizer to scraped elbows and knees without having to touch or apply pressure to my girls (and a few of my own) surface injuries for a quick clean up.  The foam comes out decently thick and to sanitize my hands, it takes about 2-3 pumps to get enough.

safeSquirts comes in three varieties:

Bubble Gum (pink)
Cool Blue (blue)
Tooty Fruity (green)

safeHands Classic comes in two varieties:

Clean Linen (blue)
Fragrance Free (clear)

Because it is alcohol free, safeHands did not dry my hands out like other hand sanitizers have.  In fact my hands have felt a little bit moisturized after I've used it.  Nothing extreme, just a subtle feeling of moister, and the scent lingers for a bit, but is not too strong.  It does take a little bit longer to fully dry than alcohol based sanitizers, but it is something that I quickly adjusted to.

As I said, I have been using safeHands for several months now as the need has arises, and boy howdy has it been a life saver.  I've used it when we have gone camping for the inevitable scrapes and cuts that happen when the girls go exploring, road trip pit stops, because it seems that the rest area bathroom are never re-stocked with soap, let alone the water is always cold.  I've even slipped one of these bottles into my pocket for when we hit the semi-local amusement parks for random sanitizing through out the day with the girls having to hold on to grip bars for all the rides, just like hundreds of other people have before them.  safeHands even helped to get rid of that greasy feeling from our fingers after eating some deep fried this or that at the State Fair.

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