Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy Cheesy Bean Dip

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Some recipes are just so easy and yummy that Amanda and I had to BOTH make it. When we were brain storming this months recipes, we found out that we both make this super easy bean dip. Great minds think alike! With that, we both made the bean dip our own way and are sharing both our recipes

Favorite can of refried beans
1 cup shredded cheese
1 cup salsa

Amanda's Directions:
In medium size pot, cook beans on low heat until nice and warm so they stir easily and then add cheese and salsa in and then stir again.  Serve as dip with chips or crackers.

Bobbie's Directions:
In medium sized pot combine all ingredients.  Heat over medium low heat, stirring frequently. Serve as a side with dinner.

There are a lot of ways to mix this recipe up. Add in a couple tablespoons of sour cream, use some pepper-jack cheese to spice things up, or if you do not like salsa, just skip it and only add cheese. I used a Parmesan/Mozzarella cheese blend, and Amanda used shredded cheddar cheese. You can also used a small can of diced chilies or salsa verde instead of regular red salsa.