Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dust-Off Fashion Collection Mobile Screen Cloth Review

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Dust-Off sent me a couple of the new Fashion Collection Mobile Screen Cloths in exchange for a review. However all opinions expressed are my own. My older daughter who is in college happened to be home when I opened up the package, and as soon as she saw how cute these new Mobile Screen Cloths are, she grabbed the blue Damask one screaming, 'DIBS!', and bolted to her room to grab her little tablet to try it out.

I'm not a huge fan of pink, but I actually like the pink with the zebra print.  I used the screen cloth on my phone, tablet, and even my glasses.  The cloths are 5″ x 6″ and while they seemed small in my hand, they are actually about the size of a 7" tablet!  It's an ideal size place the cloth over the tablet, and use your entire hand to clean the surface off, instead of trying to use a tiny cloth and just a couple of fingers to wipe a tablet screen.  It worked great on my cell phone as well.  This is very telling because my go-to snack is extra buttered popcorn.  No amount of wiping my fingers on a napkin ever gets all the grease off.  Cleaning my glasses and sunglasses was a breeze because the cloth was large enough that I could wrap it around the lenses and clean both side at the same time.  It has also worked well on my laptop screen.

Despite the size and the thickness of having two pieces of microfiber cloth sewn together, the screen cloths are not bulky.  I folded into thirds and carried around in my eyeglasses case for a while and as you can see there is not a lot of room in there to begin with.  I also folded it in half and threw it in the back of my tablet case for a while, and it did not add any noticeable weight or make the case bulge.  I was easily able to access the cloth when I needed it, and then could put it back when I was done.

The new Fashion Collection Mobile Screen Cloths come in three colors:

They are also machine washable, so they can be repeatedly and both sides of the cloth are microfiber, so it does not matter which side you use to clean your screens with.  I've not washed mine yet since they have yet to show any signs of dirt built up on them.

My daughter has her new screen cloth tucked away in her tablet case, and she has reported back that many of her college class mates hace asked her about it when they see it.  Mine bounces around between my eyeglasses case and just laying around for whenever I need it.  I've had to tell my younger daughter to give it back a few times; I should just give up the battle and snag the Leopard print for myself so we each have one of our own.

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