Wednesday, April 30, 2014 ~ Tid Nips Review

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Shiloh was super excited when a package of Canidae TidNips Chicken-Licious Chicken & Rice Soft Dog Treats in exchange for his honest opinion.  His opinion seems to be that they taste good and he wants more!

Canidae TidNips Chicken-Licious Chicken & Rice Soft Dog Treats
Shiloh is actually a very picky dog when it comes to his treats.  He has turned his nose up at a lot of different things, so I was was rather excited when he begged for more treats!  Tid Nips are a soft treat made with real chicken, rice, cranberries and veggies, but do not contain wheat, soy or corn.  It also contains Vitamin E and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to help promote healthy coat & skin.  I like the large size of them for Shiloh.  As a bigger dog, I like for him to have treats that are bigger than his food kibble, so he does not think it's just more food.

Tid Nips are soft enough to break down into smaller pieces for smaller dogs, and from the way Shiloh was patiently waiting for me to give him the treats, they smell good.  I did not even have to say anything to him; he just assumed the treat position after I opened the bag up.  My younger daughter is always on a mission to train Shiloh to listen to her, so she has been breaking the treats into smaller pieces and giving them as a reward when he gets around to listening to her.  He's become very adept and giving her a paw to shake on command now.

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