Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Cake ~ Sponsored by

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You don't have to know how to bake from scratch to put together a cute cake!  My younger daughter wanted to bake a cake and I let her have at it.  She rummaged through the cupboards and grabbed a box of cake mix, a box of vanilla pudding mix and a tub of  frosting.  She then decided she wanted the pudding to be purple and the icing to be green.  I just shook my head and stepped out of the kitchen.  Unless its something that's gonna make her sick, I try very hard not to quash any kitchen ideas. sent me a neat little Fondant Cake Roller Tools Sugar Making Roller Tools in exchange for my honest opinion, and I figured what better way to test it out than to decorate the cake she made?  The roller is pretty cool as it cuts straight, zigzag or wavy edges.  It also has embossing rollers that are beaded or striped, as well as spacers to make your fondant ribbon a narrow as 1/4 of an inch to as wide as 3 1/4 inches wide.  It is easy to take apart, wash, and put together again.  I was quickly able to figure out how wide I needed my ribbon, then I just had to load up the roller with the cutter, embossers, and spacers I wanted and off I went!

Working with fondant is actually pretty easy.  You can buy white fondant and add your own color, or you can buy it already colored.  The trick to rolling out fondant is powdered sugar, and to keep it moving.  After one or two passes with the rolling pin dust lightly with powdered sugar, flip the fondant over and roll it out in another direction.  To use the embosser rollers, you want the fondant to be a little thicker than a CD.  If just using the ribbon cutter, than it can be as thin as a CD.

Making this spring cake was pretty quick and easy.  Here is everything you need.  Apparently I've been baking a lot since I had all this on hand left over from different baking projects.


Box Cherry Chip Cake Mix (see box for additional ingredients)
Box of Vanilla pudding (see box for additional ingredients)
1 Container white frosting
Green food dye
Purple food dye
Fondant in colors:  red, orange, yellow, green blue, purple, & pink
Rolling pin
Powdered sugar
Small alphabet cookie cutter letters SPRING
Bunny Cookie cutter
Black edible ink pen
2 Candy eyes


Preheat oven and make cake mix as stated on the box.  Split cake batter between two round 8 inch, or 9 inch pans and bake as directed.  While cake is baking, make vanilla pudding as directed, adding purple food dye to desired shade, and place in refrigerator to set.  Open up the tub of white frosting and use fork to mix in green food coloring to however green you want it.

Once cake is done baking, remove from oven and set on cooling racks. After completely cooled, take a knife and cut off rounded portion of both cake tops.  Place one cake onto large serving plate and then cover with 1/2 to 3/4 of the vanilla pudding almost to the edges of the cake.  Carefully place second cake centered on top and very gently press down to secure second layer.  Take your now green frosting and frost the cake.

Dust a clean surface with powdered sugar and roll out fondant and use cookie cutters to cut out SPRING and the bunny in various colors.  For the ribbon, roll out a length of fondant a little over half the circumference of the cake.  I loaded the roller up with 2 wavy cutters, 1 bead embosser, and spacers to fill up the rest of the roller.  Push the roller over the fondant with enough pressure to cut through, and trim edges with a straight edge knife.  Carefully take the ribbon and press along the edge of the cake to secure into frosting.  Roll out a second strip of fondant and repeat process to make second ribbon to finish off the other half of the cake.

Now it's time to add the rest of the fondant cut outs!  Place the SPRING letters around the edges of the cake in a semi circle, and the bunny at the top.  To secure the eyes, take a tooth pick and place a small dab of left over frosting on the back, and place on the bunny.  I took a tiny piece of blue fondant and shaped it into a triangle to make the nose, and once again used a tiny amount of frosting to secure it to the bunny head.  Use an edible ink pen to make the mouth lines under the nose.

This might be a spring cake, but can easily adjusted to any season with a change up of colors and cookie cutouts.