Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Written By Amanda

Sometimes I find myself alone in the house, doesn't happen very often but when it does finding something to eat for just one person can be frustrating at times. My go to food is normally something like hot pockets, or chicken patties. Something I can make just one of and be done in minutes. Well tonight thanks to an Applebee’s commercial I was craving chili cheese fries. After checking to make sure I had a can of chili, I was ready to make them. Not the healthiest of choices but I've never been known to do what others do. Fixing the chili cheese fries was easy and was exactly what I wanted. You could go all out and fix everything homemade, your own fries and chili, but being lazy after a long week and a long day of running errands and cleaning; I cheated and made it easy on myself.

What you need:

Your favorite french fries
1/2 can of chili
shredded cheese

Preheat oven and cook fries as directed; after fries are done put them on a microwaveable plate. Cook your chili either on stove top as directed or save a little time and throw them in a container and microwave them. Sprinkle fries with your cheese, and top with chili.

Pretty easy and filled me up rather quickly.
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