Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Giveaway ~ Get Organized with Zebra Pens!

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Zebra Pens has a new line of pens out:  Sarasas Retractable Gel Pen.  I love the color of gel pens, but hate how long they take to dry.  Ignore the fact that I have the patience of a gnat.  I was lucky enough to get a chance to play with a pack of these pens in exchange for my honest review and to help promote a pretty cool giveaway that Zebra Pens is having through the end of March (more on that later).

The first thing that caught my eye:  Lefty Preferred.  OK, that was really the second thing that caught my eye, at first all I saw was a pretty purple pen that had to be used right away.

I just happen to be a lefty, so I won't lie, I rolled my eyes at the, "Proven Faster Drying".  I've purchased some pens in the past that I end up wearing the colors all over the side of my left hand, and left smear marks all over the place.  I grabbed a piece of paper started writing out Bobbies Bargains in my lefty chicken scratch.  After writing out each line, I immediately took my finger and wiped it across the words, expecting a smear, especially on the "i" in Bargains as it is the last place the pen touched.  Nothing happened.  I dug up my paperwork and saw that the ink dries in less than a second on most surfaces.  I would have to agree with that on the different papers that I've been writing and leaving notes on!  I have no idea what all is involved with Zebra Pens Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology, but I think they nailed it.  I've been using the pens for over a week now, and have yet to wear any of the colors on the heel of my hand.  The pens write smooth and glide along the paper.  The rubberized part at the bottom on the pen is a nice touch and does not hurt my "Death Grip Callous" that has built up over the years.

I've have a nice sized desk calender under my keyboard, and have started filling in all the stuff that we have going on.  In an extra effort to stay organized, it's now color coded with the Sarasa Gel Pens.  Anything to do with hubby is green, my schedule is purple (go figure), older daughter is red and younger daughter is blue.  I even have colors set aside for our two cats and our dog.

Be sure to head on over to Zebra Pens on Facebook and enter their Sarasa Campaign for a chance to win a grand prize kit filled with over $200 worth of creative and organizational goodies and a gift card to Hobby Lobby! 

Six lucky winners will be selected weekly until March 31st to win a Sarasa Retractable Gel Rapid Dry Ink Assorted 10pk.

Grand Prize Details:
Two Grand Prize Winners will be selected by March 31, 2014 to win either one of the following:
Crafty and Creative Kit (estimated $200 ARV)
Organize and Inspire Kit (estimated $200 ARV)

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