Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BBQ Chicken Rice Wrap ~ Rice Wraps Review

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Rice Wraps is getting the word out about their new product, rice sheets. I had the chance to help with the testing of the product. I received several white rice and 1 brown rice sheets and a rolling mat. Now usually people associate rice sheets or wraps with sushi, but seafood and fish are not big in my house. So I opted with chicken instead. I have never ever used a rolling map or anything like it before in my life. So everything was so left field for me. At first I filled it too full and the rice sheet busted, then I was putting too much pressure on it and it busted. I was so frustrated, but with every new experience there will be trial and error you learn from your mistakes and eventually get it right.

That was the case here, smaller portions of meat and cheese, lighter rolling and finally got them rolled. I still had a few splits so they didn't come out perfect but you get the general idea. The rice sheets are supposed to be laid out for about 5 minutes to warm up to room temperature , I found it took longer than that, about 20-25 minutes. You want to make sure the sheet is nice and warm before trying to roll it or you will have a complete failure. Also be mindful of how much you place in them, they only hold a small amount of ingredients before they bust. After you have it all nice and rolled, use a wet knife and sharply cut them, wetting the knife with each cut so the rice doesn't stick and or tear. We stood ours up so you guys could see inside of them, but it's much easier to lay them down on your serving plate after cutting. Now onto my recipe....1 roll made 4 smaller sections.

What you need:
1 chicken breast
BBQ sauce
Rice Works rice sheet

Cook chicken in a baking dish with a small amount of water- enough to cover bottom of dish good., in oven for a hour on 375. Remove chicken and shred it using 2 forks. Open and lay out your rolling map with rice sheet and place chicken, bbq and melted cheese. Gently roll your rice sheet until rice is over-lapping. Carefully remove mapt and cut your roll.

I also did a Chicken, cheese and salsa roll... same thing just different sauce.

By:  Amanda

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