Thursday, February 6, 2014 ~ Orijen Cat Treat Review

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The pet loving folks over at sent me a sample of Orijen Cat Treats in exchange for my honest review.  Well, not really my review, more like Haggis' and Sherbert's review.  As dedicated as I am to my blog, I draw the line at taste testing cat treats.

My little grey cat Haggis is easy when it comes to treats.  He likes treats.  He will run around chasing a treat as it skips across the floor after we toss it.  Of course this makes it a bit difficult to get a semi-clear picture of him, but with some help from my older daughter, I was able to snag a shot of him standing up for this treat.  I do think that he REALLY likes these though.  He meows at me for a little bit after having a few, and just begs for more.  Not something he usually does.

Sherbert is a much harder sell on cat treats.  For the most part he can take them or leave them.  He likes cat treats when he is lying on the floor and they end up stopping right at the end of his nose, and sometimes even then he is not fast enough to snatch it up before Haggis comes tearing across the floor and swipes it away with his paw for himself.  I had to place a treat right in front of him to see what he thought about it, and then I walked away.  My jaw hit the floor when he followed me to another room and begged for more.

Sherbert is willing to move around for treats?  He is my fat lazy cat that only moves for food, and barely at that!  I took a second look at the ingredient list to see what had him moving for more.
Ingredients:  Chicken liver, turkey liver, boneless chicken, boneless turkey, boneless flounder.  No wonder he loves these treats!  I can even pronounce all the ingredients!

Orijen Cat treat are freeze dried, so while I'm not willing to taste them, I did take a whiff of them.  They smell like meat.  The treats are a decent size, and while they are soft enough that my older cat Haggis does not have any problems chewing them, they are not so soft that they fall apart.  I have been breaking some of the larger treats in half so the cats think they are getting more.

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