Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pinata Party ~ Wholesale Party Supplies Review

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Written By Bobbie

It has become an ongoing joke among my friends to call each other heifer, and most of the time it is said lovingly.  When I got a chance to do a review of a Pinata Kit from Wholesale Party supplies in exchange for my honest opinion, I had a blast looking through all the available options, but I had to get the Cow Pinata Kit.  I chuckled as I sent over my shipping address, and both my girls were cracking up that I picked out the cow.
The pinata kits come with just about everything you need.  The pinata, 3 lbs. of candy, and even a paper blindfold.  All you need is a place to hang it from and some rope.    Thankfully it was easy to find where the hole is to stuff the candy in thanks to the sticker placed over it.  I would have been poking all over the place looking for it.

The candy was easy to slip in, but I had to do a couple pieces at a time.  There is no pouring the candy out of the bag and into the pinata.  The pinata perfectly holds the three pounds of candy that it came with, with a little shimmy and shaking and make room for the last few pieces. 

After a rather stressful few days, and a bright day outside, I looked over at my girls and asked if they were up for some aggression therapy.  Between the winter holidays, my oldest having college finals, and my younger one having high school midterms, I figured it was time to let off some steam. While the pinata has the ribbon streamers to pull open a trap door on the bottom, we wanted to beat the cow up instead and found a baseball bat out in the shed.

 Hubby was in charge of making the thing swing, and the girls and I took turns whacking the cow.
  The mask worked great over my glasses.  I could not see anything in front of me while I was swinging.

We each got in several good whacks before we had our first cow injury.  My oldest hit the strings instead of the cow with such force that the zip tie it attached to was ripped out.  This was not a problem for us as we promptly tied the string around the cow neck and kept on swinging!  The candy all stayed in the pinata until finally one us landed a fatal blow and candy flew everywhere.

The girls and I started gathering up all the candy before our dog started noticing it was scattered everywhere.  Thankfully there is not chocolate in the candy mix, so if we missed one or two, it would not be a big deal.  

Alas poor Cowric, I knew him well....

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