Thursday, January 30, 2014

Old Spaghetti Factory Inspired Browned Buttered Pasta

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Old Spaghetti Factory introduced my daughters and I to our absolute favorite dish ever, Brown Buttered Pasta with Mizithra Cheese.  While the price tag that comes with is it reasonable given that we are eating out,  making our own version at home is so much cheaper.  I've not been able to bring myself to pay the prices I've seen for the Mizithra cheese at the store, but my girls and I are perfectly happy swapping it out with a Parmesan Romano cheese blend.  It doesn't carry the same tangy bite as the Mizithra, but still has great flavor.


Spaghetti prepared according to directions on box
1/2  stick butter
Grated Parmesan Romano cheese blend
Chopped cilantro


While your pasta is cooking, chop some fresh cilantro for garnish.  Place butter in a small sauce pan over a medium high heat.  The butter will go through four distinct phases.  Melting, bubbly, super bubbly and finally browned.  I don't stir the butter while it's browning, but I do give it some gentle swirls during each phase.  Remove from heat once butter is browned.  Once your pasta is done, drain well and return to pot.  Pour browned butter over pasta and mix well.  Before serving, top pasta with cheese and some cilantro.  My girls and I like a lot of cheese.  We are so bad it's more like we have a little pasta with our cheese and even hubby loves the flavor of this pasta dish.