Friday, January 31, 2014

Copy Cat DQ Flame Thrower

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Diary Queens' Flame Thrower is a very easy to make. Just make sure you have some heart burn medicine handy if you suffer from heart burn. My family does but of course that doesn't stop us from eating everything they tell you not to eat. The Flame Thrower is basically a normal burger with a touch of hotness.

You will need...

Hamburger patties 1/4 pound
Pepper Jack Cheese
Jalapeno Bacon
Hot Sauce


Cook your burger on low to medium heat until all blood has been cooked out, making sure the middle is brown and no longer pink. While the burger is cooking, cook 2-3 strips of jalapeno bacon on low to medium heat. Once your bacon is to your liking set it aside. Now with burger and bacon done, set up your hamburger buns. Lather both sides with mayo and hot sauce of your choice. Make sure to put at least 5-8 drops on each side and take a knife to spread the hot sauce all over the mayo. Place your burger on the bun and top with cheese. I didn't have any slice cheese on hand so I cut up strips of block cheese and let it melt before I took my burger out of pan. Tear your strips of bacon into halves and lay across your cheese. Top that with lettuce and tomato and your ready to eat and sweat. 

The burger is pre-teen approved!