Monday, January 27, 2014

Copy Cat Big Mac

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*Contributed by Amanda*

The McDonald's Big Mac is a classic and loved in this house. It's one of my son's favorite hamburgers of all times. Knowing that the special ingredient is nothing much more than the Thousand Island salad dressing I figured why not try it. My son was very very pleased and happy. His words "Momma I'm fat and happy now! Can you make that again?" With it being such a easy recipe to do I can see many "Big Macs" being made from now on.

What you need..

Ground beef
1 slice of cheese
Shredded lettuce
Thousand Island dressing
Diced onions
1 hamburger bun with a bottom of another bun. (3 pieces of bun)
2 Sliced pickles


Start off with making 2 very thin but bigger than your bun hamburger patties as they will shrink. Cook patties in pan over medium heat until all blood has cooked out. Cooking times will vary as the thickness of your patties. Try to keep them thin and flat while cooking. After patties are done. Spread out your 3 pieces of buns and lather the 2 bottom pieces with Thousand Island dressing. Add lettuce, onion and cheese to bottom bun and place 1 patty on top of cheese. Place the extra bottom bun on top of patty. Add lettuce, pickle and onion, top that with the other patty. Place the top bun on hamburger and you now have a Big Mac.

My son was helping me so our Big Mac wasn't quite layered the way it is supposed to be, but in reality as long as you have everything on it then your good. We also used regular buns instead of the seeded buns, and added dressing to the top bun for extra sauce and extra piece of cheese.