Monday, December 9, 2013

Keep Your Small Touchscreen Devices Safe with DigiPals ~ Review & Giveaway

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Looking for a case to carry and protect your smart phone?  Worried about keeping your touchscreen MP3 player from getting scratched up while in a bag?  DigiPals is a cute and practical case to help you out.  I was sent a Monkey DigiPal in exchange for my honest review.  My youngest daughter immediately tried to steal it for her older iTouch.  I let her have it for a few days knowing what a walking disaster zone she is, and having witnessed her dropping her iTouch a few times.

The DigiPal has a zipper along one side to keep your electronics inside and secure.  My daughter was able to keep her wired headphones plugged in and just zip it all the way over to where the wire stuck out at the end of the zipper.  She never noticed that it unzipped while in her pockets.  She liked that the entire thing could be used for cleaning the screen, and of course that it was just cute in general.  Several of her friends saw it and wanted to know where she got it (high schoolers apparently are not too old for cute things).

After a few days she reluctantly gave up the DigiPal so I could have a go at it.  I found the zipper easy to use, and the inside was more than large enough for my iPhone 4.  I was easily able to slip my phone in the case, but I did find it hard to slip my husbands phone in with his soft rubberized case. Cleaning the screen was a breeze.  I could use the outside of the case to wipe away any fingermarks, or stuff my phone in the case and give it a good rubdown on both sides at once.

The Digi Pal also has a second smaller zippered compartment to store necessities such as my drivers license, and of course my all important coffee chain gift card.  The zipper on this second compartment was also easy to slide and stayed closed so I did not worry about anything falling out.  The compartment can easily accommodate more than three credit cards and it is easy to pull them out when needed.

To say I'm hard on my phone is an understatement, most of the time I end up throwing my phone (without a screen protector on it) into my purse, and then my keys are constantly in and out of my purse, and more times than not, right on top of my phone.  With the DigiPal I did not worry about if my phone was in a pocket inside my purse, or if my keys would scratch the screen.  I just tossed everything in my purse as I went about my weekly routine of shopping and playing taxi for my kids.  I love that the case is machine washable.  I have not dirtied it up to the point that it needs washing yet, but it is nice to know that it can be cleaned up and used over and over again.

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