Monday, November 18, 2013

Nature Balance Cat Treat Review

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A while back I received a bag of Nature Balance cat treats from in exchange for my honest review.  Since then, I have been trying to get a picture of my two cats that did not involve the tail end, and was not just a color blur.  I drafted my oldest to help me out with this task and finally scored a decent shot of both of them enjoying their treats.

Mr Honey Buns, is a bit on the lazy side, so getting any type of an action shot out of him was not going to happen.  Usually he is pretty indifferent to cat treats, but for these he at least made an attempt of looking interested, and almost got to one of the treats before our other cat Haggis snagged it out from under his nose.  We finally gave up and restrained our second cat so Mr. Honey Buns could enjoy his treats.  I like the size of the treats and do not feel guilty giving a few to him, even though he is on the bigger side.

My other cat Haggis (yes that is his real name) went bonkers for these treats.  They are a hard, dry treat, and it has been a blast tossing them under the kitchen table and watching Haggis stalk after them.  He was in, over, and all around the table and chair legs to get to these treats as we tossed them out.  Not to shabby for a twelve year old cat.  Getting a clean shot of him was next to impossible, so I had my oldest hold a treat up to catch him in this pose, and even then he was so quick to get his treat, it took several tries.

Both cats seem to really like these treats, and now come running when they hear the treat bag opening up.

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