Friday, November 1, 2013

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Who would have ever thought I would get excited about reviewing light bulbs?  It must have been fate with Day Lights Savings hitting, because I hate the dark when it comes to the inside of my home.  It is always a battle between hubby and myself over turning on and off lights.  I like them all on and a nice bright room, he likes as few on as possible and does not mind the gloom.  Well, GE sent over some GE reveal® light bulbs to do a room makeover in exchange for my honest review.

I received a 4 pack of GE revel, 75w halogen light bulbs.  Of course I had to check them out and see what made these so different from my normal light bulbs. Pretty much the only thing different I noticed was the blue hue to them.  I was curious as to how this was supposed to give me a brighter, whiter light.  I figure it is along the lines of how people put bluing into their washing machine to get whites whiter.  I have no idea how or why it works, I just know it works.  In every other way, they look like a normal light bulbs.

I waited for it to get dark so I could start scoping out what room I wanted to try these out in.  The yellowest room in my house, happened to be my living room.  This is also the room hubby and I have 'Light Wars' in on a regular basis.  I am always busy, be it blogging, reading, crocheting or cross stitching, and my eyes and hands are on the move.  This one corner of the living room is my corner.  You can find me tucked up in it almost every night working on something.  My constant complaint, it's too dark.  Even with the light right behind me, I can't see well enough for fine details and have to pop on a second light on the other side of the room.  This of course blinds everyone else in the living room.

As soon as darkness hit I snap a "before" picture of my corner.  I have always known that the corner had a yellow light, but I had no idea how yellow it was until I took the picture!  I barely waited long enough for the bulb to cool down before I was replacing it with the new GE revel light bulb.  I figured with the lamp having a yellow shade, I would not notice much of a difference.  Boy was I wrong.  The original bulb used 57w and the new bulb only uses 53w but it is so much brighter and whiter!  I tried different crafting projects over the next few days while tucked up in my corner and noticed a huge improvement in the lighting over all.  I have not been turning the light across the room on, other than out of habit, and my eye strain has lessened a lot.

I popped another one of these bulbs in my dining room and noticed an improvement in brightness in there as well.  The last place I put the light bulbs was in my bedroom.  That might have been a mistake.  I'm not a morning person and hubby is always turning on the light to get ready in the morning, and it's been waking me up.  I like it at night though for when I am reading.  It is a nice white light and I don't need the nightstand light on to give me more light.  I am debating switching the new bulb in the overhead fixture with the old bulb in my nightstand lamp.  With as bright as everything gets with the new bulbs, it will be the best of both worlds, I get good reading light at night, and hubby does not wake me up in the morning when he flips the light on to get ready for work.

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