Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Recipe ~ Eggnog Mocha

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I love eggnog, chocolate and coffee.  What better combination could there be for me other than an Eggnog Mocha?  Here is a quick and easy version to make at home.  I have some huge 2 cup coffee mugs, so I make this in my big mugs and I'm a happy camper while I savor it.


1 cup coffee
1/2 cup eggnog
1 hot chocolate pack
rum extract
ground ginger
ground cloves
ground cinnamon


Heat eggnog in microwave safe cup on HI for 20-30 seconds.  Stir and heat again on HI for about 20 seconds more.  If it starts to bubble, it's hot enough.  In large coffee mug, add eggnog, hot coffee and hot chocolate and just a drop or two of rum extract and stir.  Top with a pinch of ginger, cloves and cinnamon and if you want, mini marshmallows or whipped cream.  For the adult version, pour in a splash of rum instead of rum extract.