Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meat Recipe ~ Turkey Cucumber Wrap

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I've never liked pinwheels much, but I love just about anything wrapped in a warmed up tortilla.  Threw this together in a moment of "Need Food NOW" and fell in love with it.  Gave my younger daughter one to try and she is hooked on taking them to school.  Really no amounts to this one, just make it all to personal preferences.


Soft Taco sized flour tortillas
Cucumber peeled and sliced into strips
Cream Cheese, room temp
Lettuce leaves
Garlic Salt
Turkey lunch meat


Warm up tortilla so it is nice and pliable.  Give it a second to cool off and smear some cream cheese across the surface.  Sprinkle with garlic salt.  Place 1-2 pieces turkey lunch meat flat on half of tortilla.  Top with a lettuce leaf or two and 3-4 cucumber strips.  Fold over about 1/4 over tortilla, then roll tightly until seam side is down, and give a good press with your hand to help it hold together.  Cut in half and serve!