Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"May All Your Bacon Burn"

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"MOM!!  I want to decorate a cake!"  With that being said by my 15 year old daughter, this may be the easiest review ever.  Wholeport.com sent me a Baking Tools Stainless Steel Pastry Tube 24Pcs in exchange for my honest opinion.  Let me just say, "WHO HOO!"  One of the joys of teenagers, I was able to just shove her into the kitchen to bake a boxed cake on her own.  While the cake was cooling she pulled out my pastry tips and said she wanted to hand decorate the cake.  No problem.  I yanked out my free standing mixer and whipped up some frosting for her.  My daughter decided she wanted to hand design Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle.

Ummm, I have ZERO free hand skills, so I just let her have at it.  We looked through the tips and she decided to outline with a small rounded tip, and then use a second color with a larger rounded tip.  I was a little worried about how the tips would fare without a ring and collar, but it seems that these were made to just shove into disposable plastic bags.  I clipped the tip of the disposable bags off and the tips stayed in place perfectly.  None of the frosting leaked out between the top and the bag, and the tips did not cut the bags.

After frosting the cake up, my daughter did a free hand of Calcifer in orange frosting.  I think she did a pretty good job.  She most certainly did a better job that I ever could have.  She then used the darker frosting to do around the outside of the outline, then filled in the center.  She was going for a "moving fire" look.

For the eyes, I took small amounts of white frosting and balled it up the best I could with a tooth pick, then my daughter placed a little blue sugar disk in the center for the pupil.  She put some sparks on the sides and piped, "May All Your Bacon Burn" along the edge of the plate.

The tips popped back out of the bags easy enough and I just threw them into the silverware rack in my dishwasher to clean them up, then back into the storage box with all the other tips.

My oldest daughter now wants to make cupcakes to play with the rest of the tips.