Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Seal Mate ~ Fix Leaking Fork Seals on Motorcycles

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Mr. Bobbies Bargains is happy to present his review of Seal Mate.  I figured since he was the one using the tool for his motorcycle, he should be the one to write it up.  There are also Instructional Videos and Detailed Instructions on the website that he found very helpful.

I recently had an issue with the front forks of my 2002 Honda Magna leaking.  The estimates for replacing the seals that are causing the leaks ran between 200 to 300 dollars.  I read an article about a tool called Seal Mate that might solve my problem for a lot less money.  Since most leaks are caused by dirt and grime on the seals, Seal Mate easily cleans out the gunk so the seals can reattach to the forks and stop the leakage. Following the instructions supplied, I used it on both sides which took me about 20 minutes.  After removing a lot of grime easily with Seal Mate, my seals no longer leaks!!  So how much is this great tool?  Under $5.00!!!!  If you have a motorcycle or know someone who does, forks are going to leak sooner or later.  Seal Mate is must have in your toolbox.  Ask for it at your local motorcycle shop or order it on-line.

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