Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review ~ Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover

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I'm not one to put much effort into laundry.  Usually it's sort, wash and dry.  Nothing overly spectacular.  Of course, once in a while something happens that will throw me into a flat panic.  Like when my daughter somehow left a lovely tube of bright red chap stick in the dryer and I promptly threw in some brand new-never-been-slept-on-white sheets right on top of it to be dried.  After owing a whole lot of money to the swear jar, I took a deep breath and remembered that Purex sent me a Fells-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover.  What better challenge that a bunch of greasy pink splotches on white sheets?  I was 'lucky' that the chap stick caught caught up into one corner of the fitted sheet, so it's not like I had to worry about splotches across the entire bed, just one corner.  You will just have to trust me, the sheets are white.  My laundry room does not have the best lighting.  I read the directions for stain removal.  Wet fabric, rub with bar, let set for 10 minutes, wash as usual.  Simple enough!  I did all that and before I threw my sheets back in to the washer, I noticed that the pink stains did not seem as dark, so I had a small dose of hope.  I will admit to throwing in some bleach...not like I had anything to lose at this point.  

I can't tell you how amazed I was when I pulled the sheets out of the washer.  I searched one corner then another looking for even the faintest of pink spots....NOTHING!  I threw the sheets into the dryer and crossed my fingers.  Sheets came out pink free!  I did notice a little bit of grease left in the sheets when I was putting them on my bed, but did not bother with it till I washed them again.  I pre-treated with the Fells-Naptha two more times, and now even the grease is gone!

Flash forward a few days to pizza night in my house.  My youngest daughter managed to get some pizza grease on my fairly new couch.  Having just had the success with the sheets and chap stick, I ran to the laundry room and grabbed the Fels-Naptha and damp clean rag.  I rubbed the spot with the wet rag, rubbed the spot with the bar, then cleaned up the soap from the couch with my wet rag.  The couch dried overnight and the spot was grease spot was gone.  Color me impressed!

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