Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On This Date, 9/11, I Remember

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2001 seems so very long ago, but on this date I remember.

I remember just waking up and my husband yelling at me from the living room to turn on the TV in our bedroom because someone had just crashed a plan into one of the two towers.

I remember that I thought he was joking.

I remember staring at the TV in horror with my husband as he finished getting ready for work.

I remember him getting ready to walk out of the door to go to work, and screaming at him to come back inside as I watched on live TV news while a second plane crashed into the second tower.

I remember crying.

As my husband walked out the door to go to work, I remember trying to pull myself together and getting my very young daughters ready for school and daycare.

I don't think I can remember a slower day at work.  I had the radio on in my little office, and I remember a few residents of the apartment I worked at coming in to talk about the tragic events taking place on the opposite coast from me.

I remember crying upon hearing that yet another plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

I remember terror as the radio station reported that yet another plane crashed in a field.

I remember being so glued to the radio that I did not remember to pick up my oldest daughter from school.

I remember rushing around the corner to pick up my daughter, calling my boss to say I was closing the office early, and rushing to pick up my baby from daycare and going home.

I remember crying when my husband came home from work.

The following days and weeks following the attacks, I remember vague memories of being glued to the TV news as stories of heroism, self sacrifice, and miracles of survival aired.

Years later, I can't believe I remember all these details so vividly.

I remember I had chills when we went on a family vacation to D.C. a few years later and saw the Pentagon from the freeway.  We could see the difference in the color of the stone from where they rebuilt the damage area.

I remember being in awe seeing part of the twisted metal from one of the towers that is on permanent exhibit at an EXPO hall near me.

I remember a great sadness every time I go to the EXPO hall and see a large stone ball that is carved with the names of all that died that day.

I will always remember