Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meat Recipe ~ Pancake Covered Bacon

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I have to laugh over this recipe.  Every couple of weeks I do a full blown family breakfast with the works.  One morning I flashed back to briefly seeing a post on Facebook about pancake battered bacon.  Go figure I already had everything set out for breakfast, so I decided to go for it.  It was surprisingly easy, and hubby and my youngest daughter went crazy for it.


Pancake batter


Cut bacon strips in half length wise and cook in frying pan till crispy.  Set bacon on paper towels to drain off excess fat.  Have favorite pancake batter prepared and ready to go.  I used a very small frying pan and only did a couple pieces at a time to keep shortening at a high temperature.   Heat  up some shortening in frying pan on medium high heat.  Dunk bacon into pancake batter then place into frying pan.  Cook until batter is golden brown (10-15 seconds) then flip to cook other side.  Set cooked pancake covered bacon on paper towel to drain off excess shortening.  Let cool for a couple minutes (unless you like burning your fingers) and serve with some warmed

Cooking Tips:

Use a medium to thick sliced bacon, thin cuts are very brittle and to not hold up well when dunking in pancake batter.

Do not use same utensil for dunking bacon into batter and for flipping battered bacon over in pan.  Raw batter from dunking will get onto cooked strips while flipping and removing from pan.