Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY ~ Polymer Clay Flower Candle Holder Decor

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For this DIY project, Wholeport sent me a DIY Polymer Clay Kit and a few molds to play with.  I'll be honest, I have never played with the stuff before, so I kidnapped one of the family members who knew what she was doing, hubby's grand daughter Eve.  Good thing...I would have been lost.

We sat down and ooohed and ahhhhed over the color variety, then it was time to get down and dirty.  I was warned that this stuff can stain and stick, so I pulled out a crafting dedicated plastic cutting board to work on.  This worked out perfect as we were able to roll, squish and cut away excess clay right there on the mat.  Eve was very impressed with the clay.  She said that it was very soft and easy to work with and likes it better than the stuff that is sold at the local craft store.

I chose to do a couple of flowers with the Geranium Mini Silicone Mold that was sent.  I did a practice run with just a sold color clay, then decided I wanted to play a bit and tried to get a splash of color mixed it.  I used one of the tools to scrape off the tiniest bit of yellow to place in the center.  I do mean tiny as in a speck  of color at the end of the tip of the tool.  After I wrestled that into position, I rolled up a small ball of purple and stuffed that into the mold on top of the speck of yellow, with fingers and toes crossed that I did not move yellow by accident.  After that I rolled up a larger ball of blue and placed it on top and then used my fingers to push the clay into all the cracks and crevices of the mold.  I let it sit for a minute the carefully pried the clay out of the mold.  I then used one of the tools to carefully cut away the excess clay.

This clay needs to be baked, steamed or boiled to set....but sadly did not come with any instructions.  I did some searching on the \internet and baked our first batch of goodies at 325 degrees for 20 minutes.  The colors did darken quiet a bit, and from what I've read, that means that it was on it's way to burning.  My second batch I baked at 275 degrees for 17 minutes.  This turned out much better and the colors did not darken.  While my flowers were still warm they had a bit of a rubbery feel to them, but as they darkened they became very hard with no give in them at all.

I pulled out an old glass candle holder that I just refused to throw away.  I really liked the shape and weight of it, and knew it could be reused some how, some day.  With my trusty hot glue gun I place a flower on opposite sides of my glass candle holder.  I have since burned both tea lights and votives in the candle holder, and my flowers are staying out.

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