Saturday, June 29, 2013

Farmer's Market Recipe ~ Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn

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Hubby has been a fantastic guinea pig when it comes to being my tester for all these recipes in the food challenges that I have been doing.  One night, in passing, he mentioned that he saw on a web page somewhere pictures of grilled corn wrapped in bacon.  I heard a request/challenge.  The very next day after work, he is told to fire up the BBQ.  Trust me, he was not complaining when he saw bacon wrapped corn ready to go on the grill.


However many ears of corn you can eat
Two strips of bacon per ear of corn
Three toothpicks per ear of corn


Use Toothpick to secure bacon at one end of corn.  I went at an angle instead of straight through to the cob be careful that you don't skewer yourself in the process.   Wrap bacon around corn and at end of first strip of bacon, overlap a little with second strip and inset tooth pick through overlap to secure bacon.  Continue wrapping bacon around corn and secure end of second strip with another tooth pick.  Grill on med-low heat.  Turn every 3-5 minutes to ensure bacon is fully cooked around entire ear of corn.  Remove tooth picks before serving.

We gobbled these up as is.  No butter, no salt.  The bacon provided all the flavoring.  I think we have a new family favorite!