Friday, May 24, 2013

Cute Cupcakes with Printed Cups!

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I am not gonna lie.  While I LOVE baking and frosting up a batch of cupcakes, I am a little weak on the whole presentation part. to the rescue!  After a camping trip was suddenly cancelled, we had a HUGE family BBQ over at my house instead.  Even with family scattered all over the house, I managed to whip up some cupcakes and used some of the darling cute wrappers that sent me to review.  I've never used anything beyond basic cupcake liners before, so I was excited to see how this turned out.  I drafted one of the older heathens that was visiting to help me out.  The cupcake liners I used were the Star Moon Baking Cups, and the Multicolor Leopard Stripe Muffin Cups, mine just happened to be yellow.

Now....I did learn something in all this.  While you CAN bake you cupcakes and muffins in these, it makes the design harder to see.  At least it makes it harder to see when you are using Devils Food Cake mix.  After the first batch I quickly switched and used my plain cups to bake the rest of my batches, and once they were cooled I set them inside a printed cup.  I quickly showed my assistant how to frost the cupcakes, and she went to town getting them all done.  I served the cupcakes to the hungry hoard, and received a bunch of "Ooohhh's" and "How cute!" from various family members.  I had a lot of fun with these and can't for more cupcake baking!