Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge ~ Day 21

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I have been seeing this 30 day Squat Challenge floating around Facebook for a couple weeks, a decided to give it a whirl. I mean really, how hard could it be? Start at 50 at day 1, finish at 250 on day 30. OK, that last number was a little intimidating, but I saw that it was a slow progression. I printed up the paper and figured I could cross off each day as I went along. I also was talking about it with a friend, and roped her into doing this with me since she mentioned that she had started, then stopped when she was sick.  So now I have a workout buddy to harass me into doing this.

Day 21:  Here I thought I was gonna be all cute and bust out with two sets, 125/55 and mess with my buddy who pushed the limit to 100 the other day.  After being in the receiving end of a couple of hate texts, Once again I had to go drop some money in the swear jar.  She sent me a message that she whipped out 130/50.  Nope, no competition between the two of us!  I am holding firm with my 125 though.  It's half of what that day 30 is, and I'm good with 125/125 on the last day!  I still can not believe I'm starting week 3 of this insanity.

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