Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge ~ Day 20

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I have been seeing this 30 day Squat Challenge floating around Facebook for a couple weeks, a decided to give it a whirl. I mean really, how hard could it be? Start at 50 at day 1, finish at 250 on day 30. OK, that last number was a little intimidating, but I saw that it was a slow progression. I printed up the paper and figured I could cross off each day as I went along. I also was talking about it with a friend, and roped her into doing this with me since she mentioned that she had started, then stopped when she was sick.  So now I have a workout buddy to harass me into doing this.

Day 20:  Yeah for a rest day!  OK, in all honesty, despite all my moaning, groaning and complaining....I feel pretty darn good!  The first 3-4 days of this challenge, I thought I had fire ants crawling around under my skin my legs hurt so bad.  The two steps off my porch were torture, I was in constantly aching, and then I had my partner in crime laughing at me because she felt fine.  Flash forward a week, and out roles were reversed.  It was my turn to laugh hysterically as she moaned and groaned about her legs hurting.  Now starting with week three, we are both whipping these things out, and other than the burn while we are doing the challenge, and for a short while after wards, no pain, no soreness, and my friend informed me that she has a little less jiggle an the front of her upper thigh!  I have a lot more jiggle to start with than she did, so I have not noticed any difference in that area, but....I am getting more of these squats done at one time, and at a faster rate as well!

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