Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Canning Challenge ~ Recipe 3 of 10: Homemade Butter & Buttermilk

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I have been hearing how easy it is to make butter for years.  Heavy whipping cream in jar, shake till your arms fall off and Voila...butter.  Now I'm the type that buys heavy whipping cream by the quart for ONE baking project because in theory it is so much cheaper per ounce than the small containers, then I'm left with the rest of the quart, and after a while, I'm sick and tired of making whipped cream for baked goods, and in waistline can't expand much more!  I returned to this idea of homemade butter to help use up my leftover whipping cream, and after a couple of failed attempts, I can now confidently make my own butter!  I even broke out with a silicone mold that sent me so I could make my own pats of butter!

Heavy whipping cream
Glass jar with lid
small scilicone mold (optional)

Take a 1/2 pint canning jar, and fill half way with heavy whipping cream.  Put on lid and ring and tightly seal.  Start shaking!  Unless you are a machine...draft in some other family members for this part.  Remember, I failed the first two times I attempted this (did not shake long enough) so by the 3rd and 4th batches, my arms were ready to fall off.  I photographed the stages for you so you don't freak out like I did about how long to shake, and so you don't give up too soon!

Freak out stage 1:  The whipped cream stage.

This is just a couple minutes into shaking like a crazy person.  The cream gets fluffy, and the sloshing sounds disappear and it seems like a process of futility...aside from the great arm workout you just gave yourself.  This is where I quit the first time...don't do what I did...KEEP SHAKING

Freak out stage 2:  The milkshake stage.

Don't panic!  Its supposed to look like this!  This is roughly five minutes into the shaking process.  This is where I stopped the second time.  I promise you are almost done and oh yeah....KEEP SHAKING!

Freakout stage 3:  Holy heifer is that butter in there?

OK, now that we are past my freak out and quit stages...the final stage is to just keep shaking till you have some runny liquid and you have a solid lump forming.  You should start feeling a 'thump, bump' and hear some good sloshing sounds any time now.  My timer is now around eight minutes.

Stage 4:  Rinse the butter.  Huh?

Yep, you have to rinse the butter to get the extra buttermilk out of it.  Place your butter lump in a small bowl and fill with COLD water.  Gently knead the butter with your fingers.  Dump out the cloudy water and repeat a few times until the water stays pretty clear.   At this point you are technically done!  Throw your butter into a container (again I'm all about using small canning jars) and keep it in the fridge.  Be sure to use your butter up within a few days.  It does have a higher liquid content than store bought butter, so it will spoil if left alone too long.

Now I personally have butter control issues.  Never put a stick or a tub of butter in front of me.  I'm the type to add butter till it's, "Have a little food with you butter why don't ya?".  My solution for some portion control?  SILICONE MOLDS! sent me this cute silicone mold with 15 different little shapes.  Among other things, there is a paw print, cat face, umbrella, and baby rattle.   It took me two rounds of butter making to get enough to fill it up.  I simply used a small dessert spoon and placed the butter in the molds, then popped them into the fridge for about 15 minutes.

Check out my little pats of butter!  I was not overly aggressive pushing the butter into the molds, so not all of the designs came out perfectly, but I'll be all over cramming it in and getting rid of the little pockets of air and liquid the next time I do this.  It was so easy to pop the butter out of the molds since they are silicone.  I just had to push from the front and they popped out!

As usual, my family is always ready and willing to play lab rat for me.  Nothing but RAVE reviews from them!  Hubby has decided that I'm not allowed to buy butter any more.  I said no problem as long as he is willing to do all the shaking  ;)

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