Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Was Your First Car?

Hubby was out putting a little spit polish on his first car the other day, with a little help from Fluffy Butte, and it got me thinking back to my first car.  I count my first car as the first one I bought on my own.  It was a used red 1994 Mazda Protoge.  Loved my car and hated when it got to having more repairs that it was worth.  

Hubby's first car?  Why a 1960 Bug of course!  And to top it off, he is the second owner on this puppy!  I have to laugh...My older heathen has had more ride time in this thing that I have.  He takes her to school most mornings and they be styln' on the way to work and school.  One of these days I'll twist his arm to do a Sunday drive around in it.  Gotta find that perfect day to do is since the A/C is comprised of 2/55 (2 windows down driving 55 MPH)

What was your first car?  Do you still have it?