Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sensible Portions ~ Review

Sensible portions had a giveaway a while back on Facebook and I was lucky enough to get all my info in and snag the samples they were sending out.  I was sent a variety in the giveaway pack and figured I would go ahead and do a review of the goodies.  I've never heard of or tried Sensible portions before the giveaway.

Cinnamon Apple Straws
Very crunchy with a hint of apple and cinnamon taste to them.  No funky aftertaste and really hit the spot for that "crunchy munchy" feeling I get once in a while.  Would have preferred a bit more flavor, but not too shabby.

Garden Veggie Straws ~ Zesty Ranch
These were right up my alley!  Great tangy ranch taste, really hit that crunchy factor.  Did not think I was missing out or settling for less because it was not "junk food"

Garden Veggie Chips ~ Sea Salt
These satisfied my "chip crunch" with the size, shape and texture, but it was a little light on the flavor for me, but I am a salt-a-holic.  I think this would be great for someone who does not need a lot of salt for flavor.

Gargen Veggie Straws ~ Lightly Salted
Again with right up my alley!  Had that salty potato chip flavor that I crave.  I'll be on the hunt for these, I really enjoyed them and was a little irritated that I finished off the bag already.

Overall very impressed with Sensible Portions!  All the flavors hit that crunchy factor and the texture and taste defiantly gave it a snacky feel.