Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review ~ Kraft Fresh Take

Recently I received a coupon from Kraft First Taste to try the Kraft Fresh Take Cheese and Breadcrumb Mix.  I snagged up the Southwest Three Cheese mix and went to town with some pork chops.

The instructions were pretty easy, open the bag fully to pull apart the center divider to mix the ingredients.  Pretty easy and the aroma was already fantastic before any cooking started.  Not sure if I have monster pork chops or what, but as you can tell, by the 4th one, I was scrapping the bag to get the whole thing covered.

Not even 10 mins in the oven and hubby is sniffing around and wondering what I have in the oven.  It was smelling so yummy.  Even the cats wandered into the kitchen to get a better whiff of dinner.  My final meal for the night.  Let me just say....I only had part of one pork chops as left overs, and that was thrown into fried rice the next night and even that tasted yummy!

Defiantly enjoyed this and want to try more flavors in the future....when it's not to hot to bake that is :)