Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penny Piggy Goes to Town

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If you have been stalking me for a while, you know I have a Piggy Bank that I named Penny Piggy.  If you are new you can read full details on how Penny Piggy came about by CLICKING HERE.  In a nut shell...I do my weekly shopping with cash and all my change from shopping goes into Penny Piggy.  I started dumping my change in Penny Piggy back in October 2011.  It took six months...but Penny Piggy finally popped her cork.

I loaded Penny Piggy up into the car, and as any good piggy knows, Safety First!  We had a nice pleasant ride to the bank to see just how much Penny Piggy holds.  Let me just say...I had to grab a plastic bag to hold some of the coins that I could not get crammed back into her from the photo above.  Even worse, I was afraid of dropping Penny Piggy so I put her in my purse to take her into the bank, and her plug popped out in my purse.
I have to hand it to the staff at the bank.  No one laughed at me as I was shaking poor Penny Piggy this way and that to get the coins out of her.  It took some convincing but she finally let me have all of them and we ran it all through the machine.  We took out slip of paper up to the teller to cash out and made sure it was OK to take a picture of Penny Piggy on the machine.  I did not want to have to turn around and use the money for bail!

Penny Piggy is a rather petite piggy bank, and is just a little bit bigger than a softball.  The grand total that Penny Piggy held???


Not to shabby for just loose change huh?