Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to deauthorize old computers from your iTunes account

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Written By Bobbie:

I recently had a slight iTunes crisis.  I had maxed out on the number of computers I could authorize.  iTunes allows 5 computers to be on one account, and with three dead computers that I did not get a chance to deauthorize before they died, and to top it off I still had an active account on a dying laptop and just used up # 5 on my new desk top.  A quick Google search saved me!    If you are stuck like I am and have maxed out your account to 5 computers, you have an option to deauthorize all computers from your account!

Sign into iTunes and then click on the iTunes store.  Once you are logged in look for your account name in the upper right corner and click on View Account.

Once there you can look over your account information and if you have maxed out on the number of computers that you can have on your account, you will see a button that says Deauthorize All.  After you click on it, no computers will be associated with your account and you can start all over again!  This is a handy dandy feature for when like me, your old computers keep dying before you get a chance to deauthorize them!

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