Friday, May 25, 2012

Crazy Dog T-shirts ~ Review

This is a review rather long in the making.  I was given a review opportunity from Crazy Dog T-shirts two months ago, and let me tell you, this t-shirt has been though the wringer!

I chose the Will Work For Rupees, which you can find in the 80's T Shirts section of the website.  I gave it to my 14 yr old daughter who is a second generation Zelda nut, and she is a terror on clothes.  Between who knows what that stain is, and wrestling matches with our cat Mr. Honey Buns, she can honestly destroy a shirt in a day.  My darling heathen has had this shirt for just over two months now, and it still looks great!  This picture is after the first month she had it.  It was sitting in the dryer for a couple of days, so surprisingly wrinkle free with just a few shakes! The design has not faded and the shirt still looks brand new.  Love the quality of it and am looking at some other shirts to snag.  

There are a lot of shirts to choose from including Video Game T-shirts and funny stuff in Geek Gifts and Toys.

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