Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What do you do with your leftovers?

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I don't know about you...but around here IF there are any leftovers it is not much.  I hate to throw away good food, but lets face it...when you are full, you just don't feel like eating that last little bit of veggies in the pan or that last little bit of meat from the oven.  I still go ahead and store in my fridge and every few days...I use all my left overs in one of the following ways to clean them out.  MY family is not at all picky about mixing things up, and some of our best meals have been made from leftovers!

1.  Fried rice ~ All those little bits of veggies and meats are perfect for fried rice.  I just make some white rice and then take all my chopped up left overs and do a quick heat up in a frying pan with them.  Throw in a few eggs and toss it all in with the rice to mix it up and dinner is done!

2. Casserole ~ Great for those nights when you really have no idea what to cook.  Chop up your left overs into bite sized pieces and throw it into your baking pan....add some cream of mushroom or cream of chicken and some milk or water to thin it out and throw it in the oven.  If you are feeling adventurous you can do a corn muffin mix, biscuit dough, or tater tots to cover the top and you have your self a pot pie.

3. Soup ~ This is my catch all, and I have never gone wrong with this one.  Throw all the leftover veggies and meat into a large pot of water, add seasonings and some pasta you have laying around, you know that bag or bags that you just really don't have enough to do anything with?  Toss it in and call it a day.

4.  Chow Mien ~ Another crazy easy one to make.  Any string pasta will work for this one.  Just make your pasta as usual, and while that is boiling chop up and do a quick reheat with your veggies.  Drain your pasta and then add you veggies, throw in some seasonings and soy sauce and dinner is done!

What do you do to take care of your leftovers?  Leave a comment as I am always looking for new cooking ideas!