Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Natural House Natural Cleaning Products Review

I was given the opportunity to review Natural House Cleaning Products.  I completely cracked up at the names of the cleaning products ~ Flushy, Sinky and Trashy.  Made it beyond easy to know where I was supposed to use what!  Let me say...when it comes to natural household cleaning products I am a skeptic.  

Check out this cute video

Some Great info about Natural House natural cleaning products

Natural House cleaning products are a true cleaning revolution! 

Why is it a "revolution?"  Because Natural House probiotic cleaning products brings you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your Natural House.

Here's a little more info about why our all-natural cleaning products are superior to those currently on the market!

  • Our products use an eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotics that create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source.
  • Natural House's plant-based ingredients are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable to naturally fight the toughest problems you face in your house. 
  • Our products, Sinky and Flushy even break down and digest fats, oil, grease, and solid waste to ensure your disposal, pipes, drain lines or septic tank run smoothly.
  • Our cleaners contain good probiotics which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs, and they continue to do so until your next weekly treatment! 
  • We earned the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award” at the 2011 National Hardware Show!

So how exactly does probiotic household cleaners work?

  • The surfaces in your house are like a garden. If you don’t seed with good plants, weeds will grow. You have the same choice with your household surfaces: sanitize for a moment with harsh chemicals leaving your surface open to recontamination or seed with probiotics to continuously weed out the bad micro-organisms.
  • Traditional cleaners “clean” a surface for a moment in time; the second the rag is finished wiping the surface, that surface is almost instantly polluted once again with ambient dust, dirt, and micro-organisms.
  • Natural House probiotics creates mini-ecosystem on a microbial level that produces enzymes which break down odors, dirt, fats, oil, grease, food scraps, waste and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between applications. This creates a natural, clean, balanced environment that is safe for even the most sensitive members of your natural house.
  • The action is in the foam!  When using your Natural House products be sure and let it foam first to release the cleaning agents before going to the next step on the package directions.

The short and skinny of it is this... our natural probiotic cleaners keep on cleaning long after you've stopped!  

Now that you have been Edumicated...Time for the review!

First for Flushy.

As a friend of mine recently posted on Facebook, "Why is it you never realize how dirty your toilet is until your kids head is sticking in it?"  After I was done wishing her little one a speedy recovery from a bout of the stomach flu, I ran into my two daughters bathroom and though, "Oh my....she is so right!".  I had just received my review products and promptly decided to try Flushy out first.

I grabbed a Flushy tab and tossed it into the bowl.  I started to giggle a little as I watch the thing start fizzing and foaming, let alone turning the water blue.  Was a snap to clean the bowl and by the last treatment while I will not say it was a please to be cleaning the toilet, it was defiantly less of a chore.  My girls noticed that it was cleaner, and they never notice anything.

Now onto Sinky.

After a near mishap of my daughter thinking these were a new soap pack for the dishwasher I put them away where the teen heathens could not easily find them.  I followed the instructions and got my water running hot and threw the tab in....sizzle, sizzle....foam, foam!  Ran my garbage disposal for a sec....and whoosh....my disposal was clean and had a hint of a citrus scent.  My garbage disposal has not had any funky odors wafting from it since I started using these....and I cook with onion and garlic...a lot!

Trashy...oh what can I say about dear Trashy.

Trashy was saved for last.  I have a crazy old garbage can....this thing is at least 13 or 14 years old.  Of all thing things that I want to replace when it breaks...this is at the top of my list...and it will not BREAK!  This thing has seen it all between baby diapers, pets, and now two teenagers....I was NOT looking forward to cleaning it.  I read the instructions and gloved up.  Aside from being totally grossed out by what was built up in my garbage can...I was pretty impressed with Trashy.  I soaked down my garbage can and let it sit for a while before I started scrubbing it out.  A lot of the gunk came off with just the first treatment.  I started using garbage bags again in my trash can after the first treatment, but continued the weekly treatments.  With the following three treatments, my can became a lot cleaner!    I did not have a lot of solution left by the last cleaning cycle because of using so much the first time around, but by then most of the gunk was gone and there were no funky lingering odors.  I was really surprised that it worked as well as it did with old plastic.  I've soaked that trash can with much harsher chemicals in the past and did not get as good of results as I did with Trashy!

Bottom line....this stuff works GREAT!  No harsh chemical smells, just clean, clean, clean!

You can purchase Natural House products directly on the website: http://www.naturalhouse.com/products/
You can CLICK HERE to buy through Amazon.com and take advantage of Free Shipping if you have Amazon Prime

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Now on to the fun stuff!  Natural House has agreed to let me do a giveaway for a 30 day supply of Trashy, Flushy and Stinky!   How awesome is that!?!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.