Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How much does Penny Piggy weigh?

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Back in October...I introduced my piggy bank (Click here to read that post)  It is now just 4.5 months later, and while not quite full....she is is just about there...I'm having to give her a shimmy and a shake now when quarters stand on edge and stick up through her slot.  Recently is hit me that my piggy bank needed a name...and in a flash of brilliance, she was named....Penny Piggy!   I was was going to wait for her plug to pop...but I have the patience of a flea in heat, so I'm speeding this up just a bit.  I took measurements of Penny Piggy just to give you and idea of her size.

Much like her care taker....Penny Piggy does not care about we will not post any here.....but you can see for yourself  ;)

Penny Piggy from the side.....

Again....Penny Piggy is not completely full, but she is pretty close....if you would like to take a guess at how much Penny  Piggy weighs, leave a comment below, and I will update the post in a few days for you to see how close you were!

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