Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I keep Sam's Club

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I've been reading coupon blogs like crazy and it seems that most of them avoid Club stores like the plague.  We all have our own reasons for using coupons (aside from saving money) let alone our own styles of how we coupon and how we shop.  Here are my reasons for keeping my Sam's Club:

1:  Gas ~ My local club sales gas at a substantially cheaper price, and IF I choose to use an ATM there is no ATM fee, and I also have the option to use my credit card.  We have two gas guzzling cars, so over the year, this ends up being a huge savings for us.

2:  Dairy ~ Thanks to a fantastic law in California, I am prohibited from using ECB's and RR's on dairy products (though I have sneaked it through a couple times at CVS).  I am not able to score enough overage at Walmart on a regular basis to cover the higher price of milk.  Sam's Club has consistently had the lowest price on milk by at least 20 cents per gallon, and when figuring I go through 3 or 4 gallons a week, over the course of a year, that adds up.  The Yopliat yogurt packs are also cheaper there than almost all other yogurt sales with coupons.  IF I can get yogurt cheaper elsewhere after sales and coupons I will, but at under $0.50 per cup it has been a challenge.

3: I live in the Land of Dont's ~ Really, I do!  I don't live in an area that doubles coupons.  I don't have a Publix, Kroger, Bi-lo, Dollar General, Hy-vee (hope I spelled that right) and even Albertson's has left me!  I read that bloggers are scoring amazing deals at these stores, and sadly it is just not an option for me.  I am left with Target, Safeway, Raleys/Bel-Air, Foods Co, Foods Source, Savemart and a badly and rarely stocked Super Walmart.  I have also noticed that the prices I see in my stores are generally higher than what the bloggers are showing that they have in their stores.   Because of the stores that I have available to me, It is not worth buying up a stack of Sunday Papers for coupons.  What I lack in Sunday coupons I make up with in printables.  I can print between 4 and 10 coupons depending on where the coupon is printed from.

4:  Paper goods ~ Because I live in the Land of Don'ts, I am a one insert set kinda gal.  I am so bad about buying papers that I get my inserts by running next door and swiping my in-laws!  I do not generate enough ECB's or RR's to with my one little insert set each week to be able to cover the higher prices of paper goods at drug stores and in no way generate enough overage at my poorly stocked Walmart.

5:  Some grocery items ~ I have my price points in mind when I shop, but on SOME grocery items, Sam's Club is the cheapest....by no means are they cheapest on EVERYTHING, but I can compare prices when shopping on the fly when I am at other stores and see if they beat Sam's Club.

6:  I am on my mom's account ~ Not that this would make a difference, but in the interest of full disclosure....My mom has a business account so the yearly membership fee is only $35.00.  I laugh because even though she almost NEVER uses Sam's Club, she feels that her half of the fees is $20.00.

Well, there is your sneek peek into my couponing brain!