Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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I have a piggy bank....OK, I've had this piggy bank for years....I think this bank has been with me longer than my kids....and she has sat empty this entire time.  Now my piggy bank is no longer empty!

Every week, hubby hands over $60.00 in cash for my household shopping...I told him, just hand me the cash, that is the only way I will stay on budget.  Up until today, I have been taking all that change, and stashing it in the change jar....then it hit me...I'm short changing myself!  Whatever I do not spend one week accumulates to the next week, and here I am just tossing $3-$4 into the jar instead of adding it to my shopping cash.

My little piggy will now be receiving all the change that is generated from my household shopping trips, and when she is full, I'll take her to the bank, cash her out and have a NICE cushion for future shopping trips (or will be sneaky and save up for a nice little freezer so I can REALLY get my stock pile going)

*01/13/12 UPDATE*
Piggy bank is getting heavy!  Just waiting for the plug to pop out of the bottom and I'll run her over to my banks coin machine (no charge) and see how much my lil piggy can hold!

*3/29/12 UPDATE*
Penny Piggy is getting there!  I'm having her giver her a shimmy and a shake to get the coins to fit through her slot.  Pretty soon she is gonna take a trip and be Penny Piggy about town to see how much in in her!

*April 2012 Update*