Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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What do you do with your loose change after you are done shopping?  Even when I was working, we had a loose change jar.  When it filled up, it was a family bonding event to sit down and roll it all up, we stashed the rolled coins and waited for the jar to fill took 4 years, and an hour at the CoinStar machine at my bank....and $900.00 later for free spending money on a vacation to Hawaii....(I did a LOT of shopping when I was working, hubby was always giving out exact change)

While I'm no longer working....we are still continuing with this...just counted up the change that has been filling up the jar again.....$119.00 just got added to the vacation fund!

I now have a separate piggy bank for my extra change from my $60.00 weekly household shopping budget (all my other shopping  change will still go into the coin jar).  I want a stand alone freezer, and it looks like this will be the route I take to get it  : )