Monday, October 17, 2011

Bounce Dryer Bar Review

I received a coupon from Vocalpoint for a free 2 month bar and holder to try and review.  I picked up the bar on the 30th oh August and installed it in my dryer.  Had some problems peeling the paper off the foam backing, but finally got it and threw it in there.  I like the idea of not having to add anything extra to my washer and of not looking for a dryer sheet as I'm folding laundry (sometimes those sheets can HIDE!)  I have noticed that my clothes, towels and sheets are soft and have a nice aroma, even several days after washing.    I noticed that Bounce did not advertise how many loads this would be good for, and instead went with a time frame, depending on the number of loads you wash.  I always do a full sized load when I'm washing and the dryer almost always goes through a full drying cycle. 

It is now October 17th, not quite two months, and I have finally had to pull out my dryer bar.  I will say that the fresh scent and fluffiness have lasted all that way through to the end of the bar.  If was pretty easy to tell when it was time to replace the bar since it said "REPLACE" when I looked at it.  With an active family of four, I did no really expect the dryer bar to last this long, so I am fairly impressed!  I like the Bounce Dryer Bar and am looking forward to purchasing one in the near future.